Nate performs at Crow’s Path

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My friend Nate, aka Gull, is an incredible musician and has played around the world. He was recently in town visiting and added some percussive flare to the morning walk in to Crow's Path. I had him go into the woods before the kids arrived and had him start playing as we walked in. We [...]

October 25

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Leo, the angry ninjaToday was another wonderful weather day. We started in the parking lot by creating costumes out of a huge pile of scrap fleece I came across last week in Hyde Park. Needless to say, it took longer to get into the woods than normal.       This is our 3rd year partnering [...]

October 11

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Sam with her finished productWe split into guilds again for the morning. Lauren's guild set off to make bittersweet baskets. Through trial and error they figured out a process and at the end of the day Sam had a beautiful basket woven out of birch bark, bittersweet, and sensitive fern.Tanner sets up the game cam [...]

October 4

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Anjay with his sword-in-progressAt the entrance to the woodsWe were happy that the weather held off today until the last few minutes of the day! I find in reflecting on the day that I could write forever about all our little adventures. Instead I'll give a brief synopsis of our day with some photos I [...]