Field School: November 29

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Today had such a different feel to it; it felt as though everyone has just gotten into the rhythm and culture of Crow's Path! It felt beautiful, something akin to what I've heard called the village hum. Everyone just showed up this morning as their full selves, free to follow their own curiosity and passions.We [...]

Field School: November 15

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Winter! What a perfect time of year to sit around a fire and share stories. Over the past couple of weeks Lauren's been putting in lots of hours practicing fire-by-friction. Last week she borrowed one of my sets (aspen spindle, basswood fireboard) and plugged away for a good 20 minutes while the kids sang songs [...]

Field School: November 8

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Yesterday was cold, but we hardly noticed. The soggy ground in the alder swamp creaked and cracked as we walked over the new boardwalk our UVM interns created.Ally, one of our Big Picture interns, took photos for us today.Once in camp we played a good game of "Stay on the log" to warm us up. [...]

November 1 (Rabbit Rabbit)

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So the answer to the mystery from last week is an opossum (our only native north american pouched friend) and a regular old domestic house cat. Our biggest smilesWhat a remarkable difference the storm has made out at our camp. The wind seemed to take all of the leaves from the trees and the woods are [...]