Game with Friday Field School

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The frantic energy of squirrels in the fallWhile out on a wander a few weeks ago, my Guild noticed a well-worn trail. We got into tracking mode and looked for any signs we could to determine what species used the trail. We found a spot with fresh urine marking it (smelled like sweet pine needles, [...]

Second week

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The finished fire circleThe weather seemed extra fidgety last week, with temperatures soaring into the high 80s, epic thunderstorms, and lots of rain. This time of year summer always seems to try a little extra hard to hold its grip. But as the apples begin to fall we know winter is rapidly approach. The weather didn't [...]

First week back at the field school!

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The Crow's Path field school has finally begun its Fall session, and it has been a whirlwind of excitement!  We now have three full days of field school and it has been exciting to see so many new faces along with all our old friends.  We spent this first week getting ourselves oriented to the [...]