Core elements of Crow’s Path: Wandering

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Casey found a barred owl feather with a near perfect snow flake on it. Can you spot it? How did we know it was a barred owl? As promised, over the coming weeks, we'll be giving an in depth look into the core elements of our programs. We'll do this anecdotally to give a sense [...]

Journal challenge

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Robins feeding on crabapples at entrance to Centennial WoodsThe city is alive with the dramatic return of robins. A good fall for crabapples means heaps of food for the returning birds. Caught in the mix were starlings, goldfinches, and cedar waxwings galore. Spring is just around the corner. As the world jumps to life, changes [...]

Lake closure and the Burlington Phenology Guild.

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Tai out at Rock Point. Anyone who has been within ear shot of me over the past month knows that I've been obsessing over the ice on the lake in the hopes that it will freeze. Last week the lake did indeed freeze over. Records have been kept since 1816 on lake freezes at the widest [...]


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ESS participants demonstrate a walk, trot, and bound.This week for Earth Skills Seminar we took advantage of the beautiful snow and continued our discussion of tracking. Our theme for the day was trailing - how to interpret a string of animal tracks. All animals can do all gaits, though some animals prefer to do move [...]

The lake and our first week back!

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What a gorgeous first week back at the Field School. On Monday we had beautiful blue skies and warmer temperatures. A cold front blowing through brought us beautiful beautiful snow. The star of the week has certainly been the lake. With Birdie Goose Bay (aka Appletree Bay) frozen over with more than a foot of [...]