Photos and Videos from Field School

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We have more amazing photos and videos captured on our camera phones then we will ever have time to post, but I thought I would share a few of them here. Ryder's story of Bindiana Phones, which he came up with on the spot!On our last overnight, we were in a super playful and musical [...]

Spring Projects

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 We have a new lending "library". I built this for books for kids that will inspire them to connect to the natural world. Next time you're out at Rock Point, check it out - take a book, leave a book. Also, we're looking for a gnome to preside over the library, or at least to [...]


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On Tuesday, the Photography Guild also spent a little bit of time playing around with the camera's sport mode. Issac and I spent a while at the waterfront trying to photograph splashes.

Photography Guild

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Very camouflaged moth on red oak (Isaac)For guilds today, we split up into a wild animal tracking and trailing guild (Lauren), a wildflower identification guild (Anna), a storytelling guild (Sam), and a photography guild. I've loved photography since I borrowed my mom's old Canon in high school and drove around my town late at night [...]

April Alive vacation week camp!

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This past week we held an April vacation camp while the field school took a break for April vacation.  We had an amazing group of kiddos out on the land with us, some new faces and some old, and went on all sorts of adventures! We started the week off working on harvest baskets, digging [...]