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ESS participants demonstrate a walk, trot, and bound.This week for Earth Skills Seminar we took advantage of the beautiful snow and continued our discussion of tracking. Our theme for the day was trailing - how to interpret a string of animal tracks. All animals can do all gaits, though some animals prefer to do move [...]

Vermont 4000′ Trip

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Over the past 8 days I co-led an 8-day journey inspired by the adventures of some of the greatest naturalists from the past couple of centuries, particularly John Muir, Mark Twain, and Charles Darwin. Our journey began where Rte 15 intersects the Long Trail in Johnson. We climbed 4000 feet along the spine of the [...]

Rattle Making

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Alicia Daniel joined the Earth Skills Seminar for the last 3 weeks to share with us the beautiful process of making rattles. It was great to see her bring so much thought and care to the process of creation. And this was so clearly reflected in the rattles everyone produced - each a reflection of [...]

Quinzee construction & Crows

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** Our summer camp schedule is now on our website. Visit the Summer Programs page for details and registration forms. This week for the Earth Skills Seminar we constructed a quinzhee. The snow was far less than ideal for it. A quinzee is like a big down jacket that you can crawl inside and sleep [...]

Alternative Sugaring

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Embarassingly out of focus shot of the ESS group carving their own sumac/elderberry spiles Today kicked off the beginning of the Earth Skills Seminar  A small group of us gathered at my house to celebrate the beginning of sap flow by making spiles. We'll be checking them over the coming weeks to see which trees start flowing sooner than [...]