Jeff Edwin (He/Him)

Board Member (2018 - Present)

Born in Germany to Indian parents, raised in Vermont from age 3 onwards, Jeffrey’s interests and explorations are as disparate as his beginnings might suggest. An avid basketball player and former coach, a woodworker, a real estate agent, a hiker, an animal lover and sweet treat fiend, you can always find Jeffrey holding a cup of coffee. Constantly learning, forever amazed by trees, from their outsides to their insides, and prone to feeling drawn in new directions, the opportunity to follow a path blazed by the leaders and participants of Crow’s Path was impossible to not embark upon. Jeffrey’s connection to nature was forever knotted by a strange argument with a bird of prey, who, it turned out, was just looking out for Jeffrey’s best interests. The misunderstanding behind him, Jeffrey was free to consider the other lessons nature had to offer, and now hopes to help this organization foster more of this type of learning.