Registration: Field School (Grades 1-8)

Registration for 2024/25 is open from June 17th – July 14th.
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Registration process

Field School has an application process and is not first come first serve. Submitting the application doesn’t guarantee your child a spot in Field School.
  • We will send out placements by July 19th, at which point you will need to confirm acceptance of the placement, complete the health & safety forms, and pay a $200 non-refundable deposit.
  • Cost: The total cost for the Field School in $1995
  • Financial aid is available! We strive to make Crow’s Path accessible to all families. If you need financial assistance, please submit our Financial Aid form along with your registration.
  • Payment Timeline: Accepted families can pay up front or will be billed in four quarterly payments of $448.75 throughout the year.
  • Cancellation Policy: We encourage you to read more about our payment, cancellation and COVID policies in our Field School FAQ on our website.

Given our limited space, we use a three step process to guide our enrollment decisions:

  1. we strive to admit all returning kids. We try to place kids on their first preferred day, but this is not always possible.
  2. we try to admit siblings of current and past Field Schoolers. (Please note, that on occasion the acceptance of young siblings may be delayed to make room for first time kids who have been on the waitlist for years and will soon age out of the program).
  3. we admit first time kiddos. When choosing new enrollees we may consider gender and age in order to create a balanced community. When gender and age are equal, we employ random selection (rolling a 20 sided dice).

We recognize that some kids are unable to attend Crow’s Path summer camp or other programs, because of this we do not consider attendance in our other programs when considering Field School applications.