The Crow’s Path field school has finally begun its Fall session, and it has been a whirlwind of excitement!  We now have three full days of field school and it has been exciting to see so many new faces along with all our old friends.  We spent this first week getting ourselves oriented to the land and getting a taste of Rock Point.  For some of us it was the first time exploring this landscape and for others it was a refreshing reminder of the beauty and wildness that this land holds for us to explore all year.  We created a scavenger hunt that led each group to different areas of Rock Point, with creative clues such as, “Lauren lost her song blouse, so she asked the strong mouse, who took her to the wrong grouse, who then directed them to the…. (long house)!”  But it didn’t take very long before the magnetic pull of Lake Champlain drew us to its waters, and mud fights soon ensued.
Mud-Monster Miles found a pit of deliciously goopy wet clay and was immediately spreading the joy of mud fights on a summer day with anybody he could find.  

I think part of the appeal of mud fights on these sunny days is our ability to jump right back in the lake and watch a trail of mud spread from our bodies underwater.  After one of the best mud fights in recent memory Cody was ready to jump in the lake and wash off before it’s time to go home.
New friends share in the joy of pure clay on a sunny day!
And of course, it wouldn’t be a day on the beach at Crow’s Path if we didn’t build at least one flaming birch bark boat.  I was trying to get the soon-to-be-flaming “sail” to stick into the ship when Matt and Isaac had the great idea of using the nearby clay to hold it secure.  It worked perfectly and the boat had a long flaming journey out into the lake.  
When we weren’t enjoying these last days of summer down by the water some of us were sipping on sumac-aide, exploring sea caves, smelling sweet fern, eating blackberries, identifying poison ivy, playing camouflage, gathering acorns, singing songs, or creating fires.  
We had such a great time being back out on the land with so many new and old faces and it is sure to be another amazing session at Crow’s Path.  It’s so amazing to watch the Crow’s Path community grow and we’re bubbling over with excitement at what this season holds for us!