Halloween is one of our favorite holidays out at the field school, and is the perfect time to celebrate the changing seasons.  We’re about half way between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, and the changes out on the land are starting to feel a lot more like winter than fall.  We started the Halloween week off with a Halloween overnight that celebrated our ancestors who have passed on and this joyful time of harvest.  The Halloween feeling kept rolling all week, with some kids coming out in costume, and lots of candy being shared!
Our Wednesday group got to carve a giant pumpkin that our good friend Chuck donated from his garden.  We decided it would make the perfect head for our headless scarecrow, so we put it on and our good friend Lenny was born.  He is kind of like the Frosty the snowman of Halloween and is now helping to welcome everybody to our gateway into Crow’s Path.

 Anjay, Beaven, and Lola were actually able to fit their entire head inside the pumpkin, just to make sure that we hadn’t forgotten any of the pumpkin seeds that we’ll be roasting.

Anjay shows off his new knife made from the beautiful buckthorn tree.