Project Description

Nina O’Connor

Treasurer (2013-present)

Nina O’Connor comes to Crow’s Path by way of her vast work experience in business development and operations. She retired from the merchandise side of the music industry, most recently as Warner Music Group’s Vice President of Operations where she had been recruited to build a centralized merchandise business for all of Warner’s record labels. Her love of travel began to diminish when she found herself sleeping in hotels more than at home and spending 10-14 hour days inside an office. But how would she combine a love of adventure, the outdoors, business, and find both the time and proximity to be with family and friends? Fortunately, she has two very talented and entrepreneurial children who happen to like working with their mother. Her son Teage O’Connor, founder and Executive Director of Crow’s Path, eventually was able to convince her to move to Vermont. Soon after, she began to help him in certain aspects of Crow’s Path. Today she serves as both the Business Director and Board Treasurer.