Project Description

Emily Tompkins

Mentor: Youth programs
BA Resource Ecology, UVM
Permaculture Design Certificate
Birth Doula Training

Emily developed a relationship with nature as a young child, spending summers between Lake Champlain in the Adirondacks and in her grandfather’s gardens in upstate New York. These experiences were the seeds of nature-connection that took root during her time at the University of Vermont, where she received a BS in Natural Resources: Resource Ecology in 2009. While at UVM, Emily lived in an environmental and local food focused co-op called Slade, a transformative experience that set the foundation for her future lifestyle and work choices.

She has over a decade of experience working with children of all ages and abilities. For the past several years, Emily has worked throughout Vermont as a Nature Mentor, Chef, and Development Coordinator at ReTribe, based in Underhill. Through this work she has honed a variety of skills including leading group songs, fire-making, mindfulness practices, exploring imaginary play and fantasy worlds in the woods, identifying wild edibles, and building shelters, alters, and other structures in the woods.

Emily is passionate about teaching compassion for all beings, connecting people to the earth through their relationship with food, and using the unique curiosity of each child as a means to foster understanding of and appreciation for the natural world.

When not adventuring in the woods with kids, she spends her time playing music with friends, sailing, gardening, snowboarding, volunteering around Burlington, and riding her bike year-round.