Project Description

Ross Doree

Mentor: Youth programs
B.A. UVM (’12)
Origins program, Roots School (’14)

Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard


Ross was born and raised outside of Chicago, IL where his alleged first full sentence was “Mom, I need to go outside.” Once released from his home, he frequently went under the bushes or into the creek where he could be found having a generally good time. After moving to Vermont, he developed an interest in agriculture and animal husbandry and this connection to plants and animals reignited his love of nature. Today, his favorite activities include harvesting materials for and weaving baskets of all kinds, whittling spoons and bowls, searching for wild bones, learning the name, shape, size, color, texture, taste, smell and habits of local plants and animals, and the enjoying the unexpected adventures that occur along the way. Besides the joy that arrises from sharing these experiences with others, he is motivated by the belief that the more the natural world becomes an intimate part of our material and emotional lives, the more intimate we become with our ancient heritage and our human potential.

Ross also teaches primitive, naturalist and agricultural skills at New Village Farm (Shelburne, VT) and the Lake Champlain Waldorf School (Shelburne, VT).