Project Description

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Ages: High school in fall of 2018
Gender: Female and non-binary students
Cost: $395 (financial aid available)
Dates: The program includes weekly afterschool gatherings and two overnights

  • Afterschool: Feb 7 – May 9, 2019, Thursdays, 4pm – 6pm
  • Overnights: May 18-19, 2019


How do our communities shape us? How do we shape our communities? What might it mean to dissolve the boundaries between self, community, creativity, and nature connection? The Vespertine Program lives at these intersections. Together we’ll:

  • Cultivate our unique passions and gifts.
  • Begin to understand how those gifts are needed in our communities.
  • Explore the many diverse systems we participate within.
  • Deeply connect to the natural world through creativity, music, crafts, adventures, and contemplation.
  • Engage our most exciting creative impulses.

In short: We’ll get together, in the woods, to have fun, be creative, do what we love, and give something back to the communities that love and support us.  You might find us visiting the studio of a local artist, practicing archery, making fire by friction, visiting our local restorative justice center, collaboratively writing and recording a song together, or canoeing to a cave. *Learning about meditation, and practicing together, will be a foundational and ongoing part of this program.*

Every month, we’ll have a guest teacher join us. This person will be someone who is courageously and creatively dismantling the boundary between “self” and “community”. We’ll also have two overnights: one at the beginning of our session and one at the end. The last part of the semester will be dedicated to giving back to the communities that love and support us.  These community offerings will be collaboratively designed by the group, inspired and informed by our unique collective genius.

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