College Programs

We offer internships for students in a range of fields (e.g. Education, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Environmental Science, Art). For those looking for expedition, primitive skills, or natural history courses, check out Our staff have also served as advisers for senior theses if you’re looking for some academic support.


Find a class!

We offer a number of classes, workshops, and field walks on primitive skills, natural history, and nature mentoring. 


Get Involved!

Internships are perfect for college students interested in education, natural history, and primitive skills. Interns work with staff to gain experience in designing nature connection experiences for youth in our school year and summer programs.


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Our apprentices are the perfect learning opportunities for those looking for a deep wilderness and education immersion experience. Participants hone their mentoring skills while also receiving one-on-one mentoring in natural history, mentoring, and primitive skills.