Vacation Week Camps

Just because school’s not in session doesn’t mean you have to stay at home! Come join us out in the woods or on the slopes during vacation week. Experience the seasons by getting your hands dirty tracking carnivores, building snow shelters, harvesting wild edibles to make pizzas, weaving baskets from grapevines, starting a fire using friction, and even shredding down the slopes.

February Break (K-4th)
February Break 5th-8th
April Alive

Forts & Fire Gnomes
Beyond the portal lies a magical winter world where fires gnomes bake bread over cedar fires, build epic snow shelters, read the stories of their furry neighbors in the snow, and listen to the gentle words of quiet winds breathing a stillness over the land. 

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Winter Survival + Winter Thrival
2 programs, 1 week. The first (M-W) finds us at Rock Point loving the cold. We’ll build survival shelters, start fires, and track wild animals. Can’t get enough? You’re in luck! Th + F we’re shredding the gnar-whal with our friends at Powe Snowboards on the slopes of Bolton Valley, a new program that blends primitive skills and shredding the pow.

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Come celebrate the return of life to Vermont woodlands. We’ll track down amphibians, harvest wild edibles, and make pizzas! 

Middle school apprenticeships available. 

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