The finished fire circle
The weather seemed extra fidgety last week, with temperatures soaring into the high 80s, epic thunderstorms, and lots of rain. This time of year summer always seems to try a little extra hard to hold its grip. But as the apples begin to fall we know winter is rapidly approach. 

The weather didn’t dampen the high spirits this week. One of my highlights was an impromptu clean-up session on Tuesday. Cooper wanted to get a fire started at our lunch spot so we wound up cleaning up the fire pit behind Chuck’s house (Chuck is the property manager).

When we started, the fire pit was barely visible – overgrown with jewelweed, golden rod, and grasses. The kids grabbed rakes, clippers, and pruners and got to work making the space look immaculate. We fixed up the benches, got a fire going, and had our closing circle at our new fire ring. It was beautiful to watch the progress. At one point one of the other kids came over and asked, “Why are you doing chores?” to which Hazel responded: “They’re not chores if you’re having fun!”