Critters, Climbing, and Community

Seconds remained in the game. There was mud everywhere, but only smiles could be seen on the faces of the children and mentors as we played ultimate frisbee. Five. Four. I could see David getting ready to throw the disc toward the end zone. Three. Behind me, Ivy jumped. Two. I leaped into the air, but the frisbee was just out of reach. One. With ease, Ivy swiftly caught the disc in her hands! "It's a tie!" numerous mentors announced. Being able to participate in [...]

By |April 9th, 2019|Field School, Youth|

Feathers and Flesh: An Investigation

March 22, 2019: Today was really something. There was rain. There was snow. It was wet and chilly, but Crow's Path was unphased! The children at Crow's Path, by being exposed to all different types of weather patterns today, are able to grasp what it takes to be ready for the outdoors and its unpredictability. The mentor morning circle before the children arrived gave the interns free space to try and challenge ourselves by shadowing a particular [...]

By |March 29th, 2019|Youth|

Kites and Cliffs

March 8, 2019 Today was my fourth time at Crow's Path, and it blew my mind away once again. The staff, the children, the creativity that lingers in the air, the knowledge being shared. Everything about this place is magical. I feel so grateful for the experiences I am able to have while interning at  Crow's Path. Today's morning game was called "Wizard Tag." I have always loved tag games, but this one in particular was extraordinary, [...]

By |March 19th, 2019|Field School|

Welcome to our new staff

Welcome to our new staff Staff going over medical kits in prep for the start of the Field School The turkey vultures are soaring overhead, like slow whilrling dervishes circling their way south. The meadows are alive with the sweet yellows of goldenrods and the happy purples of loosestrife. And the forests are frantic with squirrels gathering bitternut hickory nuts and red oak acorns. What a time of year to be out on [...]

By |September 4th, 2018|Field School, Staff|

Tides of Spring

Tides of Spring The arrival of spring is being felt deep within the collective taproot of Crow's Path. Slowly but surely, layers were shed, and suddenly it seemed there was more space around the circle during our morning gratitude and song! The quietude of winter was slowly broken, beginning with the trills of red-winged blackbirds and Eastern phoebes. Listen to the Red Winged Blackbird call here Listen to the Eastern phoebe call here [...]

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Invitations & The Open House

Invitations & The Open House Last weekend at our  Open House event we cast a charm on our portal into Crow’s Path, opening our camp to all members of our community . And what a treat it was for the staff and current Field School families to share the magic and mischief of our programs! Joining us were prospective families and community members curious about our programs and getting a taste of the unique culture [...]

By |April 3rd, 2018|Adult, Field School, Youth|

Tea for the Wintertime

Tea for the Wintertime A few weeks ago the land hosted our Winter Survival (MS) & Fire Gnomes (k-5) vacation camps. Romping proceeded in usual Crow’s Path fashion, but with the warm spell early on in the week all thoughts of building snow shelters and tracking perfectly compressed raccoon trails became wishful thinking. Instead the many new invitations that arose with the warm temperatures were taken up by the kiddos. Still, though, there were a [...]

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Bread-on-a-stick Making dough for bread on a stick. At our Winter Thrival vacation camp for middle schoolers we hiked off the slope and got a small fire going to cook on of our favorite Crow's Path fireside treats: bread on a stick. It's super simple and super tasty. And while I wouldn't say I've perfected the recipe, I've definitely done a lot of experimenting. From what I've learned, here's my simple guide to [...]

By |March 7th, 2018|Skills|

Shredding the Gnarwhal

Winter Thrival's first run Having a good time around the fire making s'mores and bread on a stick Going into this week I was all nerves. We partnered with our friends at Powe Snowboards to pilot a slope-based program Winter Thrival, which combines our typical approach to Crow's Path program with shredding a mountain on skis and snowboards. My nerves were partly because this was new terrain for Crow's Path, but more [...]

By |March 5th, 2018|Vacation Camp, Youth|

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