Our Mission

To use a relationship-centered approach to promote, foster, create and support direct, hands-on opportunities for people of all ages to reconnect to the natural world; and in doing so, foster a multi-generational community in the Chittenden County dedicated to building relationships to human and more than human ecosystems.

To get a sense of our mission in action:

  • Check out our BLOG, which often has stories that highlight our teaching style
  • Read STORIES that embody the spirit of our programs
  • Learn about our PEDAGOGY and the core elements embedded in our programs
  • And GET INVOLVED or come check out one of our PROGRAMS!!

Our History

Crow’s Path started in 2009 from conversations around offering a nature-connection program to a small group of home school families. Since then we have grown and we are now open to public school children as well. We partner with Big Picture South Burlington and UVM to offer mentor training. We are always looking for ways to expand our audience. If your child would like to participate, we can work with you and your school to help find a way to form a partnership.


Way back when, when Britt was about to graduate from UVM she collaborated with Crow’s Path on a project to record an anthology of our folklore, songs, and games. The Songline, as we called it, became an aesthetically beautiful artifact that offers a window into the magical woodland world of the Field School.

Have a question?

Got a question about about registration, program details, and our organization? You’re not alone! We’ve compiled answers to the most common questions we get on our FAQ page.

Want to schedule a program? Hire an educator to run a birthday program? Or want to know what kind of tree you have in your backyard? Get in touch with us directly: contact us.