Bring nature connection into your classroom

In addition to offering one-off workshops for schools, organizations, and educators, our highly qualified staff will come directly to your school to work with your students. We’ve helped teachers develop a geology unit, create a lesson plans around a natural area adjacent to their property, and facilitated outdoor exploration across the seasons.

  • Field Science Curriculum: Work with our staff to develop and implement a real scientific study to collect data useful for conservation and management decisions

  • Guided Exploration: Have our staff facilitate outdoor experiences directly for your students
  • Develop lesson plans: Work with our naturalists to develop lesson plans that connect local landscapes to state standards
  • After-school Programming: Have our staff facilitate on-going mentoring for kids in outdoor programs

Contact us to schedule a meeting and discover ways our staff can help you meet state standards in your classroom while exploring the natural world.

Contact us to schedule a program

Have questions about in-school programming? Want to schedule a program? Looking to meet with a staff member to discuss the possibilities? We’re happy to work with you to develop a program that works for you and your students.

Crow’s Path offers a variety of programs throughout the year. Use the table below to find a program that is right for you and your child. For questions about any of our programs, check our FAQ page. If you don’t find your answers there, feel free to contact us.

Crayfish for science lesson plan
Field Science Curriculum

We can help you develop and facilitate field science activities tailored towards resources readily accessible from your campus. Our staff can also design and facilitate field science activities (and provide training to your staff). Contact us to learn more about getting out in the field and implementing a long-term crayfish monitoring project, estimating population size of dandelions, measuring the effects of goldenrod galls on seed production, running a BioBlitz, or so much more!

Guided Exploration

Our skilled staff can turn your campus, local parks, or nearby natural areas into classrooms! Staff will guide students as they explore natural history, animal tracks, bird language, natural navigation, trees ID, wildflowers, landscape interpretation, and much more. Our curricula dovetail with Vermont state standards to supplement the work you’re already doing in the classroom

Develop lesson plans

Already have a unit planned for the year, but need help developing lesson plans that get your students outside and directly engaged with the natural world? We can help you translate between state standards and deliverable content that will help engage your students with the rocks, soils, watersheds, plants, and animals on or near your school.

After-school programming

We provide hands-on nature-based curricula for after-school programs. Our staff can offer short modules (3-6 week curricula that highlight different topics) or facilitate a semester- or year-long program either at your campus or out of our base camp at Rock Point in Burlington. Contact us for details about possible curricula and costs.