Jobs With Crow’s Path

Our staff and organization are committed to being an organization that celebrates and welcomes diversity of all kinds (race, age, culture, gender, educational background). We welcome potential candidates with a range of backgrounds and experiences to apply!

The Wilds Preschool is currently hiring. View job description.

If you want to hear about future job offerings, get on our mailing list or reach out to for Youth Programs or for Preschool Programs with a note and your resume!

Because our program differs from typical Environmental Education programs, it’s always a good idea to see our programs in action before applying for a job. Interns gain experience designing and facilitating activities in our youth programs while receiving feedback, training, and mentorship from staff. For details on internships, please see our Intern Page.

If you’re interested in supporting our programs in a less formal way than an internship or want donate your time to Crow’s Path in a capacity other than education, consider volunteering with us! We’ve had folks take photos for our website, teach kiddos how to rock climb, create a theatre program, help build a winter structure, and so so much more. Learn more about volunteering.

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