"Wherever he goes, this winter, I will follow him. I will share the fear, and the exaltation, and the boredom, of the hunting life. I will follow him till my predatory human shape no longer darkens in terror the shaken kaleidoscope of colour that stains the deep fovea of his brilliant eye."

From The Peregrine by JA Baker

Professional Development @ Crow’s Path

What’s the connection between abandoned farms, the decline in the number of people hunting, and the song of the eastern woodpewee? How can you use muriatic acid to detect fossils? What local plants indicate wet soils? If you answered, “Yes Yes Yes, I want to know!” then Crow’s Path professional development programs are perfect for you.

We bring our passion for natural history, outdoor exploration, creative play, and primitive skills to our professional development programs. Our programs provide hands-on experiences with the natural world, exposing participants to a range of skills essential to cultivating your own nature connection path. As a participant in our week long immersive programs or evening lectures, you will learn from skilled naturalists, ecologists, and educators.

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