Welcome to The Wilds

Our mission at The Wilds is to cultivate a deep and long-lasting connection to wildness. Through immersive story-telling, creative and open play, art using natural materials, nature-based games, and hands-on experience with the rhythms and cycles of the natural world across the seasons, we guide children into their own unique, personal, and expansive connection to the wild world we live in.

Preschoolers in a pile of leaves

Program Details

Ages: 3-5 years old (age 3 before Sep 1, 2023, see requirements below)
Hours: 8:15am-3:45pm
North Alliance Church, Burlington, VT, with direct access to over 150 acres of forest and shoreline to explore through the Arms Forest and Rock Point.

Enrollment option

  • 2 days per week (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • 3 days per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
  • 5 days per week (Monday-Friday)

For a full breakdown of tuition costs, Registration & Payments.

Enrollment requirements

Read our readiness questionnaire below to see if your child is ready:

Due to the outdoor-nature of the preschool, it is imperative that children are able to clearly communicate their needs (e.g. bathroom use, thirst, hunger, pain, etc). While we remind children to address their needs early and often, if we are outside and a child needs to go to the bathroom, they need to be able to share that with us, so we can get them to a location where they can go in a timely manner.

Your child should be able to do everything necessary to go to the bathroom independently (i.e. manipulate clothing, wiping, etc.). If a child needs assistance, they need to be able to ask for help. It is presumed that children are fully potty trained and proficient in toileting. No diapers or pull-ups allowed.

We are always working with children to encourage independence and develop self help skills. Your child should be able to change his/her clothes or be willing to attempt to change them on their own, as well as be able to ask for help if he or she is having difficulty.

In our program, it is required that children are able to follow directions given to them by our educators in order to keep them safe. Your child will be required to stay with the group, as that is one of our main agreements that every child must follow.

Registration Details

Registration for 2023/24 will open this summer. Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling.

Financial aid is available! We strive to make Crow’s Path accessible to all families. If you need financial assistance, please submit our Financial Aid form along with your registration.

Preschoolers holding a turtle