Share, Learn, Grow

Everyone has their own unique gifts, talents, strengths, passions, and skills. While our internships are great for those with a strong interest in Nature Connection work and mentoring, for those looking to get involved in a different capacity, volunteering might be the perfect fit.

Our one rule for volunteers that want to come out to one of our programs: If you come out once, you’ve got to come out twice. Connection and forging relationships is central to our programs. We want participants in our program to get to know volunteers and for you to get to know them. It also helps to see how the flow of our program can shift from day to day.

Volunteers can:

  • Help with the back end of our website
  • Assist with behind the scenes stuff (like accounting)
  • Build a shelter
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Facilitate a workshop for staff
  • Lead an activity for a program
  • Make a “How To” video
  • Take photographs
  • Write a blog post
  • Or use your imagination and design a project or service you’d like to offer.

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