Custom Workshops + In-service Trainings

Crafted uniquely to your school or organization’s needs

For over a decade, we’ve been working directly with public schools, non-profits, private schools and other groups to equip educators with the tools and content to connect their students to the natural world. And we’ll come right to your campus so the content is both relevant and accessible. Our experts have designed and facilitated trainings that cover a wide range of topics including: online mapping tools, landscape analysis, tree ID, photography, birding, nature awareness and observation, and much more. Contact us to set up a custom training for your organization, or look below for upcoming events.

Mapping tools / Tracking / Flower ID / Wildlife Ecology

Animal Adaptations / Earth-based Skills / Tree ID / Citizen Science

Skulls / Field Science / Landscape Interpretation / Natural History

Nature-based Games / Crayfish Monitoring / Awareness + Observation

Gray squirrel in winter pelage eating peanut butter

We custom tailor workshops specifically towards your teaching objectives and campus! Curious about the natural area adjacent to your campus? Want help identifying the trees on your campus? Excited to take your students tracking but need help developing a lesson plan? Looking to harvest milkweed for making cordage but don’t know where to start? We work directly with teachers, schools, and organizations to provide hands-on workshops to help you use the wild world as a classroom resource.


In addition to offering custom workshops, we offer a number of workshops during the course of the year that are open to the public. Don’t missone of our workshops – shoot us an email to sign up for our newsletters, and you’ll get announcements for upcoming programs. You can also check out The Wild Burlington Lecture Series for details on our monthly lecture series that explores the natural history of Vermont.