Programs for folks of all ages and abilities. Learn to whittle, ID a wood pewee by sound, or interpret the geologic history of your backyard.

The A/Viary

Weekly notes from the field, natural history quizzes, deep dive podcast, videos on how to make buzzsaws, and wild tales from Crow’s Path lore.

Natural History

A growing library of resources to help you track raccoons, trace Vermont’s glacial past, or tell a virile from a rusty crayfish.

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The Wilds Preschool

Cultivating a deep and long-lasting connection to wildness through immersive story-telling, creative and open play, art using natural materials, nature-based games, and hands-on experience with the rhythms and cycles of the natural world across the seasons.

The Field School (1-8)

An outdoor immersive experience where kiddos delve into the creative expanse of the wild world. Our classroom consists of more than 100 acres of forest, meadow, shoreline, and marsh on land adjacent to Lake Champlain, in Burlington Vermont. Our curriculum is emergent, based on the passions of the staff, the evolving interest of each kid, and the seasonal events unfolding under a canopy of maples and hickories.

Vacation & Summer Camps (K-8)

Looking for something to do when school’s not in session? We’ve got you covered, whether it’s snowboarding at Bolton or pizza with wild foraged toppings at Rock Point!!

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Learn Natural History

The Trees of Vermont

Everything you ever wanted to know about Vermont’s trees, including species profiles, an overview of the anatomy of trees, and a field guide to trees in the winter and summer.

Glaciers in Vermont

A complete guide to the evidence etched into Vermont’s landscape, including details on Glacial Lake Vermont and the Champlain Sea.

Wildlife in Vermont

A guide to the tracks of Vermont’s wildlife, a field guide to Vermont’s crayfish, and a dictionary translating the scientific names of Vermont’s Vertebrates.

Humans on the Land

Detailed notes on the timeline, history, and impact of the many anthropogenic sources of landscape change in Vermont, from fire towers to cemeteries.

“Crow’s Path has encouraged my daughter’s love of the natural world and given her a place to be herself and explore, while being active, curious, creative, silly and happy. Being a part of this group has given her a close knit and supportive community of friends and mentors. She wouldn’t miss a day- not even when the rain pours or the wind chill dips!”

Liz, mother of Field School participant

“Crow’s Path programs have been invaluable to our 2 elementary school aged daughters. Field school is a welcome mid-week break and compliment to more traditional education in the classroom. The forest, field and lake offer a perfect setting to spend a day reflecting, playing and connecting with nature. This time allows them the space and freedom to be themselves, follow their senses and move at their own pace for a day, among a group of nurturing and supportive adults and children that value each other as peers. This experience empowers our children, cultivates leadership skills, teaches a love and respect for nature, and allows for a unique bonding time in a beautiful setting. I wish all children had the opportunity to participate in a program like this.”

Elise, mother of Field School participants

Crows Path consistently creates and holds a container that fuels learning, adventure and creativity. My kids have benefited from the rich sense of cooperative learning, shared purpose, reflection and play that fills their days at Field School. Being part of a purpose driven community that reminds us how to (re)connect to self, wild and each other has been key in my family’s joy and growth.

Trish, mother of Field School participants

“We’ve been part of the Crows Path family since our oldest son started in 2010.  As a family that believes strongly in the importance of immersing young people in nature, we are deeply grateful that Crows Path has provided a way for our boys to do that once a week.  Additionally, knowing that their time in the woods is spent with loving, trained nature mentors who allow the children to explore their curiosities and interests is a priceless gift.”

Mark, Father of Field School participant

“Crow’s Path invites kids to learn about the world around them, teaches kids respectful ways of moving through that world, encourages kids to be their true selves, and prepares kids to be engaged and thoughtful ecological citizens. I am a parent who has had the great fortune of traveling through the portal on many occasions for both camp and Field School. While out on the land, I have seen eyes grow wider with wonder and hearts grow lighter as children share their gratitude for that which they hold most dear. My son returns home from Crow’s Path each day covered with dirt, pockets filled with pine cones, mind filled with stories, and eyes twinkling with joyful wonder. To me, these are the signs of the best possible kind of learning.”

Christine, mother of Field School participant

“Our daughter has been with Crows Path since second grade, and has such a strong sense of connection to Rock Point, the animals and plants there, the mentors, and to imaginative play that engages with place.  It isn’t always obvious that this is developing; kids keep some of this private in their hearts.  But as I listen to her non-stop explanation of every stage of the overnight, watch her plan ahead for becoming a Middle School Apprentice, and hear her decide what programs she loves and which aren’t her preference, I see the impact — in her growing sense of what she loves, and how she wants to be herself.”

Susan, mother of middle school apprentice
“When family and friends and neighbors ask about Crow’s Path and what goes on there, they usually want to know what concrete skills are being learned. And, of course, there are indeed things of that sort (wonderful things!) that we can tell them: pitching a tent and building a fire; identifying trees and animal tracks. But these things aren’t why we choose to send our daughter out into the woods one day per week, instead of to “regular” school. It is, rather, the more nebulous things about Crow’s Path – things like community and confidence and contemplation, for which there never seems to be enough time elsewhere – for which we are so grateful.”
Brian, father of Field School participant

Enter the A/Viary

The Single Acorn

A podcast for those of us who love to ponder the world around us, who slowly walk through a forest with the question “Why?” as our constant companion, who are drawn to the tough, weird, gross, and fascinating questions about the natural world.

Wild Burlington

A (mostly) weekly newsletter that covers a wide range of natural history topics. Nature quizzes, contests, upcoming events, and awareness activities that will engage you with the wild world. The newsletter is the perfect learning tool for naturalists of all abilities!

Crow’s Path
Fiction + Art

Come sit around Dale the Fire Gnome’s hearth and read stories from the weird and wild minds of Crow’s Path staff, past and present. You’ll find all the classics – Frederick Castor Olmsted, Klutose Bagma from the Hardy Faraway and more!