Nathan Lake

Flying Squirrel Mentor (2015-16)

Nathan was born on the shifting sands of Cape Cod Massachusetts, where his father showed him time is only best spent observing tiger beetles comb the beach for food. After working for the parks and beach department for seven years (so that he could secretly be watching birds), Nathan abandoned the ocean for the green mountains to major in Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. After taking a class with Teage, he began volunteering at Crow’s Path and fell in love with being able to share the joy of the outdoors with children.

Nathan has been a Bird Monitor protecting Piping Plovers on the coast of Cape Cod, a student and mentor at Green String Farm in Petaluma, CA where the ways of natural process farming are examined, an excellent pizza delivery man, a lover of all things that fly, and a great appreciator of the teachings of Ishmael. Most Recently he has been an apprentice at Evening Song Farm in Cuttingsville, VT where he has cultivated a nice crop of dried beans and attempted to become a better cook.

Nathan can most commonly be found in places where ducks like to converge, taking board games very seriously, or captivated by a wildflower that is emerging from the sidewalk.



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