Thank you for your interest in a Crow’s Path internship. We’re looking for interns that are curious, playful, have a deep connection to the earth, and are passionate about helping others grow and connect to the natural world. And while many of our interns are high school or college students, this is not a prerequisite. As an intern, we ask three main tasks, that you:
  1. work with one of our lead mentors in the beginning of the session to identify an “expertise” that you want to develop. (e.g. fire-by-friction, shelter building, candle making, etc.)
  2. work collaboratively with the Crow’s Path community on a service project (e.g. bridge building, longhouse construction, working on a dugout canoe).
  3. share a skill/talent with the group, such as stories, games, songs, food, etc; the ideas are limited only by your creativity and willingness to experiment.

We use this form to see how our program might best fit your needs, as well as see what skills you might be able to bring to our community. We look forward to reading your responses!

Internship Application

You can always print and mail the forms:


Link to Internship Application (Google Drive file) Google

Which semester are you applying for (check all that apply)?
Are you available for Staff Training Week June 17-21, 2024
Are there any skills/activities in particular that you would be excited to learn at Crow’s Path?
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