Britt McManamey

Flying Squirrel Mentor
BA Environmental Science (UVM ’15)
Wilderness First Responder, First Aid, CPR


Britt grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey, where wild nature was few and far between. She explored high and low on her purple Schwinn bicycle to find little pockets of nature that let her hide away, including The Crooked Creek, The Hawk Watch Spot, and Pimple Hill. It was while working on a trail crew in the North Cascades, that she saw the key to her passion was hidden in the roots of pines, tails of chipmunks, and gusts of wind.

Drawn to the spaciousness and beauty of Vermont, she spent her college years at the University of Vermont, studying Environmental Studies with a focus on Ecopsychology. It was during a fateful walk in the woods that she heard the laughter of children and stumbled upon Crow’s Path camp. There, she found her people. During her studies she realized the deep connection to the natural world that can be found in each and every human, and the reflections of self nature gives rise to. It is at Crow’s Path that she gets to watch this emerge every day.

Britt is dedicated to co-creating community & deep compassion between the human and more-than-human world. She also has a passion for discovering the magical powers of plants, finding the wilderness in windowsill flower boxes and vacant lots, biking and shadow puppets.



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