Colton Francis (He/Him)

Staff Mentor 

B.A. Sterling College ('12)
WFA, Life Guard

Colton grew up in a suburb of Pennsylvania and took every opportunity he could to live in the woods. He spent his summers going to summer camps, backpacking, working on trail crews, and traveling North America with his grandparents. When Colton turned 15 his family moved to Vermont, inspired to nurture a more land based lifestyle. Here he got to rock-climb and snowboard as his main forms of adventure.

Colton studied Outdoor education at Sterling College where he nurtured his passion for connecting with people through earth based skills like building shelters making baskets, playing games and tracking. He spent many many nights in the forest with friends dancing and singing praises of the earth. As he grew older he developed a passion for natural history and learning larger patterns of nature and it’s cycles. Now, Colton can be found tracking animals in the local forests or sitting in his sit spot. He loves to eat and share food from his gardens where he can often be found flipping compost, weeding, or just napping amongst his favorite herbs.

Colton has worked at Earth Walk, works with ReTribe developing rights of passages for teenagers, developed summer programs in Rutland, and mentored many home schooled kids. He is so very excited to be living and working in a community that will inspire and nurture his passions.