Jordan Clouse staff photo

Jordan Clouse (She/Her)

Staff Mentor 

B.S. Plant Biology, UVM ('22)
First Aid, CPR, WFA and ACA Intro to Paddling

With all the time and energy she put into making fairy houses as a kid, there was no way Jordan could stop playing outside as an adult. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, she discovered a knack for recognizing the patterns in nature and tending to growing things. Eventually, this included kids adventuring through the same places she had! She found a group of lifelong friends at camps immersed in nature and hoped to steward that for young people who came after.

Leading programs in art, outdoor education, and canoeing, Jordan believes in the balance of solitude and community in the forests, the magic and science of the world around us and the power of both hard skills and laid-back observation. Eventually, after heading women’s staff in her childhood camp in the Rockies, Jordan felt the pull to explore and attune to another natural environment, her new home of Vermont. After spending a season as a sugarmaker in the maple stands of Mount Mansfield, she realized she needed to spend her days learning with other people, particularly children, as they tend to have better imaginations and more fun than adults.

Jordan spends as much time as she can learning all sorts of odds and ends but is very passionate about botany, mycology, herbalism, foraging, hiking, poetry and gardening. When not outside, she is probably reading or nurturing her space in Burlington’s vibrant communities.