Oakledge Park is a staple of the Burlington Greenway. If you need a fun place to take your kids, want to work out in nature, or just a place to sit under a tree, Oakledge provides all of this and more. The audio tour will help build a sense of place with Oakledge, the natural and human history of the park, as well as the wilder aspects of the park

This site, along with many others, was originally home to the Abenaki Nation. We acknowledge the struggle for recognition, land, and autonomy of the Abenaki people. An official land acknowledgement can be found on the Crow’s Path website, and we encourage listeners and readers to learn about the history of the Abenaki people and recognition in Vermont

Park amenities
  • Accessible playground + treehouse
  • Outdoor fitness area
  • Tennis, bocce, and volleyball courts
  • Covered pavilions
  • Beach, bike path, and walking trail access
  • Grills and picnic tables
  • Kayak and paddle board rental
  • Seasonal Bathroom access
  • Parking areas: paid parking
  • WiFi available in parts of the park
  • While most of the park is paved, some unpaved/gravel trails are present
  • Frequently used by bikers, runners, children at play
  • Handicap spots available at lower pavilion


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Partners & Acknowledgements

Senses of Place a project with support from Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired & Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. All audio content was developed, recorded by Henry Bartels, Mike Doucette, Alanna Duff, Nicole Hardy, Madi Ingram, Halsey McLaen, & Faryn Steckiel as part of the the UVM class NR 4060: Environmental Problem Solving and Impact Assessment.