Sarah McLellan (She/Her)

Preschool Director 

MEd Early Childhood Education (Boston University, 2015)
Vermont Teaching License Level VB, CPR, First Aid

Sarah comes from the hustle and bustle of city life in Massachusetts which never sat quite right with her. Growing up she felt most at home surrounded by trees and animals going about their
lives. This comfort led her to an undergraduate degree in natural resources at the University of New Hampshire, leading to adventures that took her all over the country to work on various
projects studying amphibian navigation in Maine to bat biodiversity in Oregon. In project off-seasons she would often find herself drawn to environmental education programs that used natural areas as an explicit and holistic way to support children’s exploration and development. With a passion for the environment and realizing our integral place in it, she decided that one of
the best ways to ensure a healthier future was to support our youngest citizens in building their relationship with our world through outdoor exploration.

Her educational philosophy is one of reflection, belonging, and play. She believes that every child has the inherent right to be outside in a healthy environment and hopes to participate in that goal through Crow’s Paths new preschool, The Wilds.