Sophie Mazowita

Youth Programs Director and Naturalist
MS Field Naturalist (UVM ’13)
BS Environment (McGill University ’08)

Wilderness First Aid

Sophie fell in love with nature on her first canoe camping trip, immediately prompting her to drop all plans to be a veterinarian and golden retriever breeder in favor of wildlife biology and wolves. She landed her dream job as a naturalist in Algonquin Park (the same spot where she first camped), but after four years sharing the stories of that land, she felt stirred by the conviction that people shouldn’t have to travel to a 3000 square mile wilderness to find connection with nature. She traded that wilderness for the urban wilds of Toronto, where she was exposed to the idea of forest schools and nature mentoring, and found the magic of coyote trails and wild edibles growing right in the heart of Canada’s largest city.

UVM’s Field Naturalist Program drew her to Vermont, and she stayed on to lead summer camps and a forest preschool at Green Mountain Audubon Center and to start the Red Rocks Nature Camp in South Burlington. Now at Crow’s Path, she’s thrilled to have joined a community that encourages deep connections to people, to place, and to finding our place in this world.

Sophie’s favorite pastimes include watching tree branches rustle under the weight of squirrels, listening to birds, tracking wildlife and weather patterns, helping seeds to disperse, and losing all sense of time at her sit spot on Potash Brook.