Light it up to live

Tend it well

And it will always be there inside me

Bop bop bop da da

Sets me free ba ba ba da da da


Travel down in my mushroom boat

In my acorn boat

To shore line, to the shore line

I let is sail away, and it comes back to me

I let it sail away, and it comes back to me


Skunks are coming out

Oooooo they’re coming out

Skunks are coming out to find some food

I can hear the cheeks flowing

I can smell the sap boiling

I can feel the sun shining

Drip drip drip

As you can tell, Crow’s Path was filled with a variety of songs at the Friday Field School today. What was really special about the songs that were shared was that they came from three different sources; one from a mentor, another from a child, and then the last from a participant of a mentor exchange program. The enthusiastic voices of the children echoed in my head throughout the day, and it continuously reminded me of the power music holds. This is something time and time again Crow’s Path has shown me about having a strong community, and it makes me feel overwhelmingly grateful to be a part of the organization. Being able to see the impact that song time has on the children really makes me wish there had been a block of time set aside for singing songs as a group in my traditional classroom experience. The kids are engaging in something that goes beyond just lyrics. There’s meaning. There’s enthusiasm. There’s community.

Sit spot was unique today. The children were asking to find a portal to go through before entering their sit spot. The portal could be anything, such as going through to trees or underneath a hanging branch. In order to do so, the children had to use their imagination, and once going through the portal everything was said to be different. They’d be able to hear noises they had never heard before, smell things that were new to them, and notice their surroundings that had never registered with them. What a way to increase their awareness! Not only was this a fun activity, but it was making the personal connections the children have with their sit spots so much stronger. Feels like magic to me!

Ivy led me on an adventure to find me a twirling stick. Her skills were amazing! I could barely get it around and over my hand, and she was able to twirl the stick behind her back, under her legs, and more! It was awesome because she was also so ready to share with me and teach me a few tricks of her skills as well. Check out these live action shots I got while she was exemplifying how to go behind the back with the stick while still spinning it.

David led a superb Harry Potter magical wand carving guild today. I brought some of the kids on a mini-guild to gather the supplies for their carving desires, but once we got back to camp I was simply amazed. All of the children were helping each other out with tips and tricks, and I was even able to pick up on some pretty extraordinary stuff happening! Below is a picture of Oakley working hard on his magical staff. His perseverance was impeccable and inspiring!

Ivy was able to make some really neat designs on her wand, and she even tried making a trade with me regarding her wand!

Today exemplified how Crow’s Path gives the children the freedom to expand their knowledge on things they are passionate about. It almost seems as though the community Crow’s Path has established is centered around sharing and caring. It is the little moments I have been noticing about this organization that continuously leave me in awe.

Happy exploring,


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