Invitations & The Open House

Last weekend at our  Open House event we cast a charm on our portal into Crow’s Path, opening our camp to all members of our community . And what a treat it was for the staff and current Field School families to share the magic and mischief of our programs! Joining us were prospective families and community members curious about our programs and getting a taste of the unique culture of our Crows Path community.

Together we gathered around the fire to sip on hot sap tea, share gratitude, and stay toasty-warm on a sunny and brisk day. Circling around the heart of the fire were a host of other activities going on, from fire-by-friction demonstrations using a bow-drill kit, to making sumac bead necklaces and bracelets. A little further from camp a cohort of curious kiddos were sending maple matchstick people parachuting off of the nearby bridge, celebrating the graceful (and sometimes not-so-graceful) descent down to the bike path below. Mission complete!

More than anything, this was a fantastic time for Crow’s Path to reach beyond the boundaries of our programs to larger concentric circles off community. At Crow’s Path, our door (or portal) is always open to anyone curious in visiting our programs for a few hours or the whole day! Part of our mission is to “foster a multi-generational community,” and we encourage anyone (Field School parents, college students, folks from the community, etc.) interested in hanging out with us to reach out to our Field School director, Sophie (

A special  thanks to all the folks that were able to come out for making the day magical. For all eyes wandering across these words, we would love to have you & hope to see you soon!

A Final Note…

Interested in getting a better sense of who we are and what shenanigans we get into?

Check out our anthology of our folklore, songs, and games. The Songline, as we called it, became an aesthetically beautiful artifact that offers a window into the magical woodland world of the Field School.


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