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In collaboration with the Vermont Reptile & Amphibian Atlas, we’ve developed a foldable, durable field guide to our states amphibians. It’s printed on waterproof, tearproof paper so it can weather any wetland and it folds down to about the size of a wallet (4×5.5″) so you can stuff it in your pocket while out herping. With details specific to Vermont populations, you’ll have the most relevant information to help make identification a breeze.

Guides are $15 each (we accept cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo) and you can order a copy here. You can also download a PDF of the guide for free: low-res (~4mb) or high-res (~24mb).

20% of proceeds from sales go to Alnôbaiwi and 10% to the VT Reptile & Amphibian Atlas.

Amphibian field guide (salamander page)
Red Eft from amphibian guide

Support for the guide

The guide was a joint effort between Crow’s Path and the Vermont Reptile Amphibian Atlas. In the fall of 2022 we ran a Kickstarter campaign to support the development of the guide. We reached both our initial ($2,500) and stretch ($5,000) goals with contributions from 119 amphibian enthusiasts! Thanks to the following people for their support in making this guide come to life:

Andrea Landsberg

Jason Van Driesche
Meryl O’Connor

WETLANDS ($100): 
Andrew Hunt
Cindy Sprague
Glenn Whitestone
Jacob Holzberg-Pill
Joanna Wright
Kim Jensen
luke groff
Sharyl Green

FROGS ($50):
Adrienne Fortune
Carolyn Schmidt
Eugenie Doyle
Helen Linda
Jonathan Boright
Kerry Wood
Kir Talmage
Kristen Johnson
Monique Gilbert
Nannette Lowary
Penny Kane
Robert Robbins
Shannon Kane

FROGLETS ($35): 
Alex Gemme
Alexa Pothier
Amy Borgman
Anya Schwartz
brett amy
Carlos Pinkham
Chris Butler
Jane Kolias
Joe Weinmunson
Karina Morales
Lauren Berrizbeitia
Lauren Vonnahme
Mary Droege
Meg Lyons
Nathaniel Sharp
Sarah Smith

Algie Lane
Ana E
Anne Outwater
Annika Hawkins-Hilke
Barbara Ganley
Barry Mansfield
Blake Bolt
Bradley Materick
Brian R. Warren
Brittany Mosher
Cassie Falat
Chris Fastie
Christina Erickson
Chuck Clarke
Donna Baker
Elizabeth Alton
Francine Cohen
Grahame MacKugler
Hadley T. Clark
Hannah Regier
Heather Fitzgerald
Heidi Willis
James Eikenberry
Jared Silveira
Jarod Waite
Jay Hersh
Jed Merrow
Joe Przyperhart
Joel Greene
John Snell
Jose R.
Joshua Phillips
Kara Riss
Katama Murray
katerina bacevicius
Laura and Stuart Meyer
Leigh Steele
Loretta Marriott
Lucy Meigs
Maggie Eaton
Manouk Erpelding-Desaulniers
Maryanne Roberts
Michelle Marcotullio
Michelle Wiggins
Nathan Lake
Nora Dufilho
Patricia Burke Bartlett
Patricia Wiley
Paul Modern
Peter Spitzform
Priscilla Douglas
Rick Armitage
Stephanie Juice
Susan Blood
Susan Clifford
Vicki H.
Victor Meng
Will Clarke

EGG MASSES ($10): 
Bryan Pfeiffer
Marc Dür

Blue-spotted Salamander