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COVID19 Update

COVID19 Field School:

The Field School is now online, and our mentors are working hard to connect with kids and maintain some of the magic of Crow’s Path in this difficult time.

We ask that families who are able to please finish their tuition payments for the year to help us continue to pay our mentors and organizational costs. That said, we understand that many families are experiencing difficult financial situations of their own, and are happy fulfill any final payment refund requests.

The Field School

Registration is closed for the 2019/2020 School Year.
Check back in June of 2020 for 2020/2021 Registration.

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The Field School is a space where kiddos in grades 1-5 can immerse themselves in the creative expanse of the wild world. Our classroom consists of more than 100 acres of forest, meadow, shoreline, and marsh on land adjacent to Lake Champlain, in Burlington Vermont. Our curriculum is emergent, based on the passions of the staff, the evolving interest of each kid, and the seasonal events unfolding under a canopy of maples and hickories. Each day brings new adventures and opportunities for learning and discovery.

South Village Middle School Cohort

Continuing this year is a small cohort of middle schoolers who will be out at the Field School with our Thursday group. Middle Schoolers will have dedicated time as a cohort to work on deepening their own skills as well as opportunities to design and facilitate activities for the younger kids. Details here.

Click on the image to view a gallery from the Field School.

Dates for 2019/2020: The Field School includes, two overnights, one in the fall and one in the spring, and follows the Burlington School district calendar for February and April Break vacation weeks. Check the calendar for specific dates.

  • Begins week of September 4, 2019
  • Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, 9am – 3pm
  • Fall + Spring overnights

For more information on the Field School:

  • PROGRAM OVERVIEW | Provides a brief overview of the pedagogy that underpins Crow’s Path and describes the core activities and design element woven into the program throughout the year.
  • CROW’S PATH SONG LINES | For her senior project at UVM, Britt collected stories, songs, and games from Crow’s Path and collected them into a beautiful document.
  • BLOG | Collection of photos, videos, and stories from the Field School.
  • FAQ PAGE | A collection of answers to the most common questions we get asked.
  • STATE STANDARDS Shows link between activities and learning at Crow’s Path and Vermont’s state standards (middle school version)
  • EMAIL US | to be added to our mailing list to get program announcements, registration dates, and nautral history notes

A typical day

Because we do not follow a prescribed curriculum, we never know exactly what adventures or experiences we’ll encounter on any given day. At the same time, each day has a similar rhythm, based on Field School traditions including: morning greeting, guilds, fox walk to base camp, fire by friction, singing and story-telling, thanks giving, sit spot and story of the day. These traditions help children to feel a part of The Crow’s Path community.

Schedule Overview

9:00am: Arrival & games
9:30am: Gatekeeper challenge into the woods
9:45am: Fire making, songs, and gratitude
10:30am: Free Time
11:00pm: Sit Spot
11:30pm: Guilds (main activities for the day)
2:00pm: Storytelling
3:00pm: Pick-up


Registration is closed for the 2019/2020 School Year.
Check back in June of 2020 for 2020/2021 Registration.
Contact us about being added to our newsletter.

How do I register?

We accept registration for returning Field School families between June 1 – June 30, and give priority to returning kids.

We accept registration forms for new families for the coming year of Field School between June 15 and July 15 (we don’t accept on a first come first serve basis or roll over wait lists from previous years).

Please fill out our Field School Registration Form, as well as our Health & Safety Forms, and mail in a $200 deposit check. We will let families know of our decision by July 20. If you are put on the waitlist, we will not cash deposit checks.

In an effort to create a balanced and whole community at Crow’s Path, we consider age and gender in the registration process.

We will need a new Health form and Safety release form for all Field School participants for the 2019/2020 year.

Health form
Safety release

We strive to make Crow’s Path accessible to all families and do not want cost to be a barrier. If you need financial assistance, please submit our Financial Aid form along with your registration.

Financial aid form

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