Project Description


Ages: Middle school (grades 6-8) in fall of 2018
Cost: $125 per overnight (Sat-Sun)
Dates: Sat 11 am to Sun 11 am Oct 13/14, April 13/14, June 1/2

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Our middle school program focuses on the transition from late childhood to early adolescence, which is marked by increasing self-reliance, potential for focus and mastery of skills, and a time for finding authentic identity within a supportive community.

Overnight programs offer middle schoolers an expansive time to connect on the land with their peers and our Crow’s Path mentors. The three overnights are designed as a series, inviting kids to engage with the land throughout the seasons and to build a wealth of unique experiences. Yet, each overnight is a self-contained adventure, and thus we offer these overnights as separate, individually-registered events. We invite any middle schoolers- including those new to our Crow’s Path community- to come for one, two, or all three.

Details for Waystones Afterschool

Each overnight will have a theme and activities based around the season and what the land has to offer but will also be adaptable to the interests of the participants. Past overnights have featured canoe outings, natural dyes and print-making, foraging, hide tanning, sneaking and scout games, carving, bow-making, and more.


October 13/14: Autumnal Awesomeness
featuring the fall harvest of food and craft materials from the land

Activities may include:

  • Foraging for wild edibles
  • Gathering materials for basketry or other crafts
  • Making pizzas in our wood-fired oven
  • Canoe adventures
  • Sneaky scout games

April 13/14: Spring Awakening 
featuring the return of birds and budding trees, the woods coming alive…

Activities may include:

  • Vernal pool visits
  • Foraging for spring edibles
  • Landscape-inspired art and music
  • Wildlife-watching and exploration
  • Crafts

June 1/2: The Summit 
featuring an opportunity to get closer to the land than you ever have before

Activities may include:

  • Self-reliance challenges
  • Shelter-building
  • Primitive camping skills
  • Tracking and awareness games

Typical overnight schedule:

11 am – Arrive, introductions
12 pm – Lunch
12:30 pm – Core experience and adventures
5 pm – Prepare group dinner
7 pm – Evening mysteries
8 pm – Campfire

8 am – Break down camp
8:30 am – Breakfast
9 am – Morning crafts or adventure
10:15 am – Closing circle*
10:45 am – Pack out

*Parents/Families will be invited to take part in the closing circle of our culminating June overnight.

Galleries from previous years