Story Time with Crow’s Path

Storytelling is at the core of everything we do at Crow’s Path. We use stories to craft a rich world that immerses kiddos in a magical world of woodland lore. These stories draw participants closer to the fire. And much like the flames that warm our toes, these stories are often ephemeral. Every now and then one of these stories is gently wrestled back to life from the coals and put to paper. Sit back and enjoy these feral tales of woodland creatures, stellar archers, magical fire gnomes, and clever crabs.

Frederick Castor Olmsted

Congrats to Kileigh Hannah whose sticker design won our first annual Sticker Design Contest. To celebrate, Ross Doree wrote a wonderful story about Frederick Castor Olmsted. You can read the story or listen to Ross regale you with Olmsted’s harrowing adventure to save his home.

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The Lenare Start a Fire

The Lenare, a colony of crustaceans eking out a living on the cliffs of the Bay of Fundy, have a rather peculiar method of starting fires. Join Teage and Sophia as they travel deep into the red clay world of wild tidal shifts.

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Klutose Bagma

Dive with Sam, mentor-without-borders extraordinaire, into the Hardy Farway and share in a wacky adventure with the famous Klutose Bagma (the file’s kind of big, so may take a minute to load)

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