Winter Thrival’s first run

Having a good time around the fire making s’mores and bread on a stick

Going into this week I was all nerves. We partnered with our friends at Powe Snowboards to pilot a slope-based program Winter Thrival, which combines our typical approach to Crow’s Path program with shredding a mountain on skis and snowboards. My nerves were partly because this was new terrain for Crow’s Path, but more because the forecast was so gloomy. Or rather, it was exceptionally cheery if you were looking to lounge around on the shore of Lake Champlain: sunny, warm, and without precipitation. On the heels of 60 degree weather it was unclear if Bolton Valley would even have any snow!

All the worry was for naught as it turned out to be great snow on Thursday and better on Friday, as the Weather Gnomes gifted us a nice coating of snow fell.  The program was a blast, skiing with a bunch of kids who definitely know their stuff and taking breaks to start a fire and roast marshmallows and make dough-on-a-stick. Check out the gallery below or watch the video to get a glimpse of what Winter Thrival means.

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