It’s about an hour from start time. 250 laps around UVM’s track! Not sure what to write. A plan? Gels every 20-30 minutes, with Nuun electrolyte fluids (caffeine) as needed. PB+J, salted/roasted potatoes, hawaiin sweet rolls for the later stages, and peanut butter M&Ms for the last stage. 1:40/1 per lap, 4:12/km, 42/10km. Hold that as long as possible. Stay even, stay focused, run in straight lines, be efficient, be fluid, be adaptable. It’s hot, humid, rains were expected but the forecast has cleared up so it looks like it’ll be dry. I’ve got hundreds of miles of training under my belt, 500 miles barefoot already this year, my feet are tough, my mind is sharp, I’m ready to go.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what’s possible, and here at the start of the test is…

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