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03.05 – Urban Wildlife: The Virginia Opossum

The Single Acorn
The Single Acorn
03.05 – Urban Wildlife: The Virginia Opossum

Episode description:

Behold the humble opossum. Snout of a pig, tail of a rat, feet of a creepy baby. It’s hard to know what to make of the opossum at first blush. But on further inspection, well, it’s even harder. It’s the only marsupial representative that we have north of Mexico and I’m not sure it’s done much to endear people to these primitive mammals. On this episode we look at what makes this enigmatic beast tick and how the urbanization of America has allowed the lumbering ‘possum to expand its range, Welcome to the Single Acorn Podcast.

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Professor Eweagey (aka Teage O’Connor), Glenn Etter, Dr. Christine Fleener
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