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03.07 – Urban Wildlife: The Cellar Spider

The Single Acorn
The Single Acorn
03.07 - Urban Wildlife: The Cellar Spider

Episode description:

It lurks in the darkest corners of your basement, lying in wait for an unsuspecting centipede or a wayward fruit fly to become entangled in its messy cobweb. The struggling pulses a telltale vibration and the nearly blind cellar spider pounces, quickly throwing a net of webbing and lashing down the most unfortunate guest. But the spider isn’t always one to wait - for dinner, perhaps, the long-legged spider sets out in search of an arachnid stalking its prey, taking down a black widow spider on its own turf. Their bio looks much like a Shakespearean tragedy: infanticide, aggressive mimicry, parental care, promiscuity, and. Okay, so maybe you won’t find that last one in Macbeth, but it’s a strange world lurking in the dungeons of our homes. So grab a flashlight and head downstairs. Welcome to the Single Acorn Podcast.

Produced by: Crow’s Path
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Professor Eweagey (aka Teage O’Connor), Glenn Etter, Dr. Christine Fleener
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