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05.03 – The Mental Side of Endurance

The Single Acorn
The Single Acorn
05.03 - The Mental Side of Endurance

Episode description:

Hey there fellow naturalists and runners. Teage O’Connor here, co-host of The Single Acorn. I’ve been training to break the 100 mile world record. During the hundreds of hours and thousands of miles I’ve been put in to reach this goal, I’ve had plenty of time to think about what it takes on the mental side to compete in endurance events. In this episode, Glenn guides us through the world of trance and meditation and we try to find some overlap between our two worlds. We also talk about the endurance of nesting small-mouth bass and migrating geese. This will be the last episode before my race at 6 Days in the Dome. As part of the effort, I’m running a jog-a-thon type fundraiser for Junior Milers. I’ve been a volunteer coach for this awesome youth program for a couple of years and love it. Junior Milers trains kids to run in the Vermont City Marathon relay. Participants get running shoes, instruction on running-related topics, snakes, t-shirts, and exposure to positive role models. You can donate using the link in the show notes. Welcome to the Single Acorn Podcast.

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