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Welcome to the 3rd annual Official Crow’s Path Sticker Contest. We ha some truly excellent submissions in both 2020 and 2021, and look forward to the weird and wild art you all come up with in 2022. So here’s the skinny on the contest: We’re inviting each of you, young and old, to create an original drawing of a Woodland Creature for the 2022 Crow’s Path sticker!

  • Create a character: Drawings should be original characters inspired by the forests, lakes, and mountains and the critters that live in them. They can be real, imaginary, some combination of the two, of your own design or one inspired by Crow’s Path lore.
  • Draw your character: You can use pencils, markers, paint, etc. or make a digital creation (final designs may be cleaned up to be fit to print)
  • Name your character!
  • Send us your drawings by January 31st
    1. Mail or drop off drawings to 56 Latham Ct, Burlington VT 05401
    2. e-mail them to with subject line “Woodland Creature”
  • Wait: Our staff will select 3 finalists after the deadline
  • Vote: Voting opens up February 1st after we’ve chosen the finalists

You may enter as many drawings as you want, and both adults and kids are welcome to enter the contest.

Finalists will get some free stickers!

2022 submissions so far

NOTE: We’ll update the gallery as new submissions come in

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