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03.04 – Urban Wildlife: The Peregrine Falcon

The Single Acorn
03.04 – Urban Wildlife: The Peregrine Falcon

Episode description:

“Wherever he goes, this winter, I will follow him. I will share the fear, and the exaltation, and the boredom, of the hunting life. I will follow him till my predatory human shape no longer darkens in terror the shaken kaleidoscope of colour that stains the deep fovea of his brilliant eye. My pagan head shall sink into the winter land, and there be purified.” So writes John Baker in his 1967 masterpiece The Peregrine. Here we pay homage to the fierce, enigmatic, and alluring predator from on high, Falco peregrinus. This is the Single Acorn Podcast.

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Professor Eweagey (aka Teage O’Connor), Glenn Etter, Dr. Christine Fleener
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