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05.01 – What is endurance?

The Single Acorn
The Single Acorn
05.01 - What is endurance?

Episode description:

Hey there fellow naturalists. This is Professor Eweagey, co-host of The Single Acorn. I wanted to extend a very special and warm welcome to you all as this season is near and dear to my heart. The following episodes live at the cross section between my two greatest passions: natural history and running. In previous season, we’ve joked that it’s a fool who seeks to learn how to live by looking at the secret lives of wild creatures. But for this season we’re doing just that. We’re diving into the world of endurance. We’ll look at the challenges - both mental and physical - of prolonged physical exertion and highlight the myriad of creative solutions animals have for sneaking around these. Our season culminates with the 6 Days in the Dome race where I’ll be attempting to break the world record for 100 miles. So stay tuned and see what it takes to push the limits of the animal body. Welcome to the Single Acorn Podcast.

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  • French study on holding a pencil in teeth
  • Holding hands in ice study
  • Glucose in mouth study
  • Video – what is racewalking
  • Race reports
  • Hoka thickness of shoes
  • World Athletics limitation on shoe stack height
  • Weight of world record holders
  • Speeding up at the end of the race study
  • Troxler effect
  • Marcora’s work
  • Slow think fast think

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