Ross Doree (He/Him)

Youth Programs Director 

B.A. UVM ('12) Origins program, Roots School ('14)
Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard

Ross is known around camp for his repertoire of classic Crow’s Path storylands, his love of crafting everything from baskets to knives, and for being a generally happy guy. He joined Crow’s Path in the fall of 2015, realizing that this was the place where all of his passions could be shared and grown.    

He was first struck by the joy of teaching while working at New Village Farm in Shelburne, VT. There he learned about kids to the outdoors and to themselves by working with animals and exploring the landscape. That exploration lead to learning the names of the trees, the stories of tracks, and the weavability of different willows. The teachers at the Roots School were invaluable mentors in seeing him down that path, as was master tracker Sue Morse. Ross also taught upper grades wilderness crafts at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School for four years.

In college, Ross studied creative writing and political philosophy. While that endeavor has yielded neither novel nor treatise, it nurtured a love of storytelling that has taken root in the safe and quirky community of Crow’s Path. As the Director of Youth Programs, he often imagines what shape Crow’s Path’s story will take next as we grow and change and deepen our connection to this place and our the community.